Engineering design of

– Ventilation systems with all components for air-conditioning including control systems for example, department stores, office buildings and swimming pools;
– Special ventilation systems for the food industry, clean rooms and hospitals;
– Process air technology, dryers, separators and exhaust systems;
– Mechanical smoke extraction systems;
– Fume extraction systems in commercial kitchens;
– Ventilation systems in accordance to local garage facility regulations with cold and hot gas and smoke fumes, CO and NOx warning systems
Modernization of existing systems through engineering concept development and profitability and documented amortization

Energy and environmental consciousness is a major issue in our planning and design of air conditioning systems. This means, every system has carefully integrated planning of:

– Appropriate plan layouts
– Windows with a low solar transmission factor and very good insulation value,
– Sun protection
– An effective, plant system matching the specific requirements
– Use of daylight,
– Coordination of the operating hours and selected heat extraction based on economic criteria

From our experience we know that ventilation systems must not only work, but can also be integrated as components in the building philosophy (outlets, visible ventilation duct routes, etc.) For these reasons it is important to have early coordination between the client, the architect and the engineering design engineer for overall concept development.