Renewable energy

For us, the use of renewable energy is a decisive way to the future:

Only the sun is acycle of energy and its use precludes additional, natural warming beyond, the heat load of the atmosphere and can thus sustain the thermal balance of earth. In which sense it is of a fundamentally different “quality” as conventional forms of energy. In fact it will flow to earth from outside continuously, while the combustion of fossil fuels (except for the renewable woodstocks), equals the slow depletion of the unique capital of energy resources.

(Quote, Prof. Dr. Helmut Weik. Physicist FH L├╝beck)

We will design your solar panels for hydraulic energy use and for electric power generation.

With the solar panels producing warm water, excess solar energy can be used for heating over transition periods.

During the engineering design phase the operation of a solar system is displayed in a simulation program. The energy yield and efficiency of the system can thus be determined.