Industrial technology & documentation

Production plants are grown and growing structures.
Therefore, any change should be recorded.
We provide the documentation for new construction and modernization of the
supply and waste disposal for manufacturing, office buildings or machinery.

Integrated planning with the technical services is mandatory for us.
We create working drawings to capture the supply and disposal lines and production machinery.
We are able to scan in floor plans up to A0 in our CAD system and carry out multi-color rework.

Often there is a need for production facilities and equipment to be re-surveyed.
With the aid of a laser measuring device and our CAD system, we create new floor plans.
The production lines that are to be inserted or modified are measured by us.

By use of our CAD system infrastructural needs can be checked prior to delivery of the production facilities.

Meticulous documentation provides a detailed overview on the upkeep, maintenance and system expansion.
In the long term, this kind of documentation has proven to be economical.
In particular, new employees have the opportunity to respond flexibly to faults or changes.