Hospital technology

Our Services

– Planning for the trades of heating, plumbing and electrical systems, including nurse call and fire alarm systems.

The technical services for a new building in St. Mary’s Hospital L├╝beck were planned by us and we also carried out the site management.
For this project we were able to complete work for the HU-building of the technical trades,
and submit them together with the architects to the German Federal Ministry of Social Affairs.
After this order, in 2002 we were given the contract to reconstruct the surgical ward in the old part of the building.
After engineering design and tendering the entire ventilation system of the operating area was rebuilt in just three weeks,
including plaster board and tile work.
Two operating rooms were equipped with a laminar air flow displacement ceiling.
For installation of the ceiling numerous ventilation ducts, medical gas pipes and electrical cables had to be repositioned.

Since 1996 we have been involved in the Hospital of St. Adolf-Stift in Reinbek the reconstruction of the individual hospital departments
such as physical therapy, intensive care, ward divisions, endoscopy and cardiac catheterization.
The rebuilding of the hospital departments in whilst fully operational, involves a lot of logical effort.
With the improvement of fire protection and renewal of the heating and plumbing lines,
the pattern line equipment directive (MLAR) was followed consistently.
In transferring the experience gained in the hospital setting, we were able to bring expertise
into the realization of some “retirement homes” (old people’s nursing homes).

In particular, the requirements that are placed on areas of geriatric care and level II with regard
to the measures necessary for the disabled facilities and security systems,
nurse call and paging systems could be realized economically for the investor or operator.