Fire protection

Engineering design of:

  • Sprinkler systems;
  • Fire-extinguishing systems;
  • Fire alarm systems and
  • Smoke extraction systems

– Mechanical smoke extraction systems

Seeing as some sinful cases in recent years were discussed in the media,
compliance with fire safety measures and precautions are often grossly neglected.

As part of our engineering design, we address the fire safety measures with the
competent authorities (fire, law enforcement, ect.) and create appropriate protocols.
Before beginning our task, each measure of precaution must be approved and certified
by the official fire prevention officer holding the legal authority to do so.

In this way we achieve maximum engineering design security.
The contracting company will receive detailed instructions on fire safety regulations,
its compliance will be controlled by us.
This is of course in cooperation with the owner and architect.

– Integrated Building Engineering Design

Our aim is not only keep an eye on the investment costs but also to cut them.
To reduce future fix costs by technical measures is important to us.
Inevitably, these measures are not associated with high investment costs.

Motion detectors in toilet areas or shutdown timer controls in the ventilation circuit,
are very reliable and save a lot of money.
The installation of a building management system (BMS) to control all loads in the
building is expensive. However, operating costs can be reduced
and in addition to the desired efficiency of the system an increase in comfort is also achieved.
In which case, we carry out project-based tests.